Purpose of Know Your Rights NH

Attorney Joshua L. Gordon
The purpose of Know Your Rights NH is to help New Hampshire youth know what to do and say when confronted by law enforcement. My goal is to make students aware of their basic rights and options, how to gently and responsibly assert them, and how to minimize potential criminal liability in the event they encounter law enforcement in questionable circumstances.

My presentation is designed to educate groups who are for the first time encountering law enforcement in their lives, such as high school students recently of driving age, immigrants, and others. I provide an interesting and informative discussion to fit into high school civics and social studies curriculum.

I have vetted the presentation with a prominent criminal defense attorney, and a respected town police chief. I have given the seminar in a number of high schools and community groups in New Hampshire, and can provide a recommendation from a high school principal.

The seminar is designed to fit into a single 1 or 1½ hour school period, with time for questions. It works best with large groups, such as the entire senior class gathered in an auditorium, rather than small groups in individual classrooms.

This effort is completely volunteer. I seek no compensation for my time, and provide no individual legal advice. Due to the nature of my practice, it is not a marketing opportunity.